Snow Crab
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There are a variety of species labeled as Snow Crab. Chionoecetes bairdii, Chionoecetes opilio, Chionoecetes tanneri, and Chionoecetes japonicus are the most common. Intersea brand Snow Crab is known around the world for quality, workmanship and continuity of supply. With HACCP certification and the highest standards for QC testing, you can rely on Intersea to support your current and future Snow Crab needs. The following is an example of our various packing styles:

Snow Crab (Alaskan, Russian & Greenland)
1/20# 5-8 oz. Clusters
1/20# 8-10 oz. Clusters
1/20# 10-12 oz. Clusters
1/20# 12-14 oz. Clusters
1/20# 14/up Clusters
1/10# Scored Snap & Eats
6/3# 9-12 ct. Cocktail Claws
6/3# 12-16 ct. Cocktail Claws
6/3# 16-20 ct. Cocktail Claws
6/3# 21-25 ct. Cocktail Claws
6/3# 25-30 ct. Cocktail Claws
6/5# Combo Meat