Dungeness Crab
Common name: Dungeness crab. Regional names: Bay crab, market crab, Dungie.

Identification: Oval body, five pairs visible legs and light colored claw tips. Raw crab has light brown or olive shell. Carapace is almost twice as long as it is wide.

Range: Baja California to south of Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands.

Season and Catch Methods: May to December in the Gulf of Alaska and Alaska Peninsula. June to November in Southeast Alaska. Caught in pots or traps.

Size: Range 1½ to 5 lbs, 2½ to 3 lbs most common.

Product forms: Fresh: Live; Cooked whole or sections; picked meat. Frozen: Raw or cooked whole; raw or cooked sections, picked meat and leg meat. Whole crab typically graded: under 2 lbs, 2-2½ lbs, 2½-3 lbs, 3 lbs up.

Packaging: Whole cooked crab blast or brine frozen and packed in 25 to 50 lb cartons. Sections bulk frozen in 25 to 50 lb baskets and packed in plastic lined cartons. Picked meat packed and frozen in 5 lb cans. Leg meat is frozen in 5 lb cans or blocks.

Nutritional Value (3.5 oz (100 g) raw meat): 86 Kcal, 9.0 Kcal from Fat, 17 g Protein, 1 g Total Fat, 0.1 g Saturated Fat, 0.3 g Omega-3 Fat, 59 mg Cholesterol, 295 mg Sodium.